Kentucky Senate hopeful uses 9/11 attack images in ad

A new ad from Kentucky GOP Senate frontrunner Rand Paul features images of the Sept. 11 attacks and hits Trey Grayson for running a "shameful TV ad."

The somber ad begins with images of a burning World Trade Center and smoldering Pentagon and proceeds to go after Grayson for a recent ad in which Grayson accused Paul of opposing wire-tapping of terrorists and the Patriot Act.

"Now, a desperate Trey Grayson is using Sept. 11 to attack my integrity and my patriotism," Paul says. "Trey Grayson, you're shameful TV ad is a lie, and it dishonors you."

Using images of 9/11 in an ad got President Bush in some trouble in 2004. Since then, it has been used sparingly.

The DSCC was forced to change a Massachusetts special election ad earlier this year that showed an image of the World Trade Center while talking about Wall Street greed.

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