NRCC raises $5.1 million in April

The National Republican Congressional Committee raised $5.1 million in April, the committee's best off-year April in the past decade.

According to fundraising figures provided exclusively to The Hill, the NRCC now has $8.7 million cash on hand and was able to pay down $2 million in debt, bringing its remaining debt to $6.25 million.

In March, the NRCC brought in $8.1 million towards its efforts to retain control of the House, and over the first three months of the year, raised $17.5 million overall.

That marks a slower fundraising pace than the committee's Democratic counterpart, which raised $22.6 million in the first quarter of the year, with $10.2 million in March alone.

Democrats have been bullish on their hopes of taking back control of the House, with Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) asserting in March that committee is "doing everything we can to put [the House] in play" in 2014.

Democratic prospects are far from favorable, however, as they'll have to net 17 seats, and many of their targets are in districts that Republican Mitt Romney won in 2012.

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