Republican pitches solution for border crisis


Rep. Paul GosarPaul GosarTrump haunts McCain's reelection fight The Trail 2016: Clinton’s ups and downs Cruz makes first endorsement since convention MORE (R-Ariz.) is offering the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) a suggestion on where to house the enormous influx of unaccompanied children entering the U.S. — back in the countries they left. 

More than 92 percent of these children, according to a report by the House Homeland Security Committee, have come from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, Gosar noted. 

“Therefore, my top three suggestions for shelter locations are as follows: San Salvador, El Salvador; Guatemala City, Guatemala; and Tegucigalpa, Honduras,” he wrote in his letter to FEMA.

Other possible options, Gosar said, include the specific towns the illegal immigrants originally left and the Ministries of Health in those Central American countries. 

About 52,000 children have crossed into the U.S. alone since last October and now the Obama administration is scrambling to figure out how to handle the crisis.

Gosar said he is happy FEMA reached out to Congress to solicit input on the situation.

“But I will say that this tragedy is entirely self-imposed,” he wrote. “Our border security is laughable.”

Gosar went onto blame President Obama for the crisis, saying that he “continually speaks of acting on his own to allow for amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, giving hope and motive to millions more to make such a treacherous journey in order to break United States law.” 

Obama announced earlier this week that he would use his executive authority to fix the nation’s immigration system as much as he can on his own until Congress decides to act.

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