Huntsman meets with Va Gov. McDonnell

GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman had a private sit-down with Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) on Wednesday.

Huntsman sat down with the conservative favorite while he was in Richmond for a fundraiser, according to the former Utah governor's campaign. Huntsman campaign staffers were mum on what was discussed, only saying that  it was a private discussion.

McDonnell's name has never strayed far from 2012 presidential talk. He has been floated both as a potential presidential candidate and, more often, as a prominent part of several candidates' short lists for vice president.

Unlike other potential vice presidential candidates, McDonnell, a popular Republican governor in a key swing state, has not completely shot down the possibility of accepting an offer to be on a ticket. In August in an interview with Fox News he indicated that he would be interested although he isn't "looking for it or expecting it."

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