CNBC's Burnett: Iran election like card check

Uh oh.

CNBC's Erin Burnett is in a bit of trouble for comparing the elections in Iran to the debate over card-check. Specifically, she seemed to suggest union elections would be like Iranian elections if the Employee Free Choice Act passed.

"It wasn't a secret ballot," Burnett said on yesterday's Street Signs. "I think that's important. They're going to know everybody and how they voted. Maybe that makes, by the way, a strong point for this whole union conversation we're having in this country."

Video via Media Matters (h/t: Greg Sargent):

Unions are already firing back at Burnett. SEIU is asking supporters to bombard her with emails and took the opportunity to criticize CNBC for it's pre-financial crash journalism:
CNBC isn't exactly a shining example of responsible journalism. The financial news network has been ridiculed for enabling the financial crisis with flawed reporting and fawning coverage of failed CEOs.

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