McCaskill 'sure' Congress will investigate torture memos

Sen. Claire McCaskillClaire McCaskillDems to Clinton: Ignore Trump on past scandals Party chairs see reversal of fortune Why Wasserman Schultz must go MORE (D-Mo.) said Thursday she's "sure" there will be some sort of congressional investigation into Justice Department lawyers who signed off on waterboarding and other interrogation tactics.

"I think there are enough members that want to make sure the information is all on the record, that we have certainly looked behind every nook and cranny to see exactly what happened," she said. "So I'm sure there'll be some form of investigation in Congress."

The Missouri Democrat said that Justice Dept. lawyers shouldn't get off for approving the controversial tactics, breaking with the Obama administration, which has indicated a preference that there be no criminal investigations.

"I think giving these lawyers a pass is a big problem because when you're a lawyer, your job is to show what the law is, not to give somebody the political answer they want," McCaskill said this morning during an appearance on MSNBC.

McCaskill opened the door to lawyers potentially being disbarred for the legal advice they provided Bush administration officials, as well.

"It may be malpractice, and they maybe should have their tickets pulled as lawyers because you are supposed to tell, when you're asked, what the law is, not what your bosses want to hear," she continued, adding that she's "anxious" to read the outcome of an investigation into the memos by the Office of Professional Responsibility.

Watch a video of the Senator's comments below:

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