Rep. Becerra tells Romney to 'ante up' and explain his policy positions

Becerra blamed Republicans for the economic mess left for President Obama to clean up.

“If you believe in America, you invest in America. That's why it's not courageous to cut funding for college loans or vow to veto the dream for immigrant children. It's not responsible to reward companies that ship American jobs overseas with more tax loopholes. It's not bold to say our country is broke and then hand out yet another deficit-busting tax break to millionaires and billionaires,” said Becerra, the vice chairman of the Democratic Caucus. “And Gov. Romney, you should know, it's not right to pull the rug out from under older Americans after a lifetime of hard work and turn Medicare into a voucher system — "CouponCare!"

Democrats have said the Romney plan, with vice presidential nominee Paul RyanPaul RyanReid to media: Call Trump a racist RNC chairman: Trump is prepared for debate after 14 'Apprentice' finales Dem slams House waterways bill over splash parks provision MORE, would “end Medicare as we know it” because it would give seniors vouchers to purchase healthcare and leave the rest of the balance for the seniors to pay out of pocket.