House members call for Benghazi answers, Petraeus testimony

The question of whether Petraeus will testify before Congress has been unclear since last week, when he resigned as the nation's top spy after admitting to having an extramarital affair with his biographer.

Regardless of whether Petraeus testifies, Kucinich and Rep. Michael BurgessMichael BurgessCommerce, Manufacturing and Trade Subcommittee pursues an active agenda Lawmakers press concerns over fuel efficiency rules Conservative committee wants House to vote first on funding bill MORE (R-Texas) said they are still not satisfied with the lack of information provided by the administration so far on the Libya attack, which claimed the life of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Burgess said his repeated requests for information from the State Department have been ignored so far.

"No one, not one person, is willing to talk about the details," he said on the floor. "Well, since they wouldn't talk to me in the privacy of my office, let me just ask them here in a public forum — why did our ambassador die? How did our ambassador die? It's been two months. You should know.

"Was it smoke inhalation, was it some other cause? Was there evidence of torture? Was there physical evidence of torture on the ambassador's body as it was returned?"