Future of Texas is Julian Castro and Hillary Clinton, not Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin

While I respect Ted CruzTed CruzJudge unseals documents on Trump University GOP senators move to keep women out of military draft GOP senators split over Cruz's aid on campaign trail MORE, the future of Texas is not the Tea Party, but the brilliant mayor of San Antonio and rising star of Democrats, Julian Castro. In my last column I described why President Obama is light-years more qualified to be commander in chief than Mitt Romney. Perhaps Sarah Palin and Romney can debate each other to determine who is more unqualified to command, but make no mistake: Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonClinton allies see big boost from Brown endorsement MSNBC interrupts Libertarian candidate to talk to Clinton The Trail 2016: Biting the hand that feeds him MORE towers over them both. If Clinton were running for president today, she would probably defeat Romney in Texas. If Clinton runs against Palin in 2016, she would sweep Texas and send the part-term, one-term governor back to reality TV.

Texas is going blue, the only question is how soon. Finally Texas Democrats have future candidates who are five-star, first-rate and powerful. I have written about Casto before. He is a superb mayor, fantastic candidate and intellectually brilliant man of the people. Obama made an inspired choice selecting Castro to give the keynote speech at the Democratic convention. One minute after leaves the podium, my colleagues in the media, who often have a short attention span, will be describing Castro as a potential future president.

Clinton would be the turnkey candidate turning Texas blue in a long-term realignment, if she runs in 2016. If Palin could not handle Katie Couric in 2008, it would be an unfair fight if she runs against Clinton in 2016. It would be Clinton by a knockout in Texas.

Let me be honest. Since the departures of Lloyd Bentsen and Ann Richards, Texas Democrats have not always been the brightest bulbs on the political tree. Texas could have already gone blue. If you give Karl Rove truth serum, he would tell you he agrees with me.

There are some exciting Democrats in Texas. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez almost ran this year, and should have. He would bring huge credibility with military families and vets. Roy Spence, the advertising genius and author of a brilliant and enlightened book about values and integrity in business, is a potential future governor. Casto is fabulous as mayor, fabulous at campaigning and is destined for great things.

And remember where you heard it: Clinton will carry Texas if she runs for president. The Lone Star State will turn blue again, probably for a long time.

I take Cruz seriously, personally and politically. He is a serious man. But Texas is headed blue. The future is not Rick Perry as governor for life, Cruz as Tea Party flavor of the week, or Palin as television personality. It is Castro, Sanchez, Spence and Clinton, if she runs for president in 2016.

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