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Brad Pitt stars on ‘Meet the Press’

This past Sunday, on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Hollywood star Brad Pitt appeared on “Meet the Press” discussing his affordable and environmentally advanced houses in New Orleans.

Pitt's work on this was truly brilliant. He worked with leading architects, civic leaders and investors and in making a major contribution to rebuilding New Orleans. This is the kind of project both liberals and conservatives should respect, citizen action for worthy purposes involving the private sector.


The loneliness of Al Gore: Love is never having to say you’re sorry

I once met Tipper Gore at a dinner in D.C. and was surprised how normal she was. Al seemed like an invention of himself. In fact, the phrases kept coming up with the Clintons and Gore, “deconstructing” things and “reinventing oneself.” She was from a place. He was from a generation. That generation was always reinventing itself as you would Mr. Potato Head. But Tipper wasn’t like that. She was normal.


Is Paul McCartney really dead? Again?

It is all over the Web today: Like they said in the ’60s, Paul McCartney is really dead. He was killed in a car accident in 1966. And that English-looking fellow going around playing football games and bar mitzvahs and advising President Obama is a double (named “Faul”) put in there by Her Majesty’s Secret Service or something to prevent mass suicides.


Roman Polanski, fugitive in Gstaad

Imagine a young black man accused of drugging and molesting a 13-year-old girl. Imagine it is even seriously suggested that a month in a rehabilitation facility is the sentence he may face. Imagine that before his sentencing he jumps bail and flees the country. Imagine he is found many years later and pleads, let bygones be bygones. Imagine him living in a fine chalet for months while teams of his lawyers plead for his freedom. Can you imagine this scenario?


The banality of Bono

Our new year has begun with grave warning from a select few of America’s venerable and good. Bob Herbert, one of the oldest and most mature liberal voices and still the best at The New York Times, says this morning, “Our society is in deep trouble and the fixes currently in the works are in no way adequate to the enormous challenges we’re facing.” While Peggy Noonan, the venerable and the good at The Wall Street Journal, warns this year that we may fall apart. William Daley, who stayed at his post while the others were playing golf with Bill, warned the Democrats directly that if they don’t move to the center they will not only lose in 2010 but long into the future. One symptom of the illness which plagues us: So many New York Democrats still yearn for Bill. They suffer from low-grade viral utopianism. They listen to Bono. It is killing them. It could kill us all.


The wheels come off Tiger’s wagon

It was a good movie: “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” But now the hidden dragon has turned around and bitten the crouching tiger in the butt.

Gatorade has become the first major sponsor to drop Tiger Woods. They don’t want him selling their sports drink anymore. And you can bet they won’t be the last. Can Buick or Nike be far behind?


Will Levi Johnston save us from Sarah Palin?

When the great historian Robert Massie, author of Dreadnaugh, went back to find the root of the Second World War, the Great War and the rise and fall of Victoria, he found the singular warrior of Britannia who, in one astonishing afternoon in 1805, turned Napoleon’s fleet away from England, Lord Nelson. We face tough times ahead in the world again today. Unfortunately, we have no Nelson. But we do have Levi Johnston. Possibly he will save us.


Gore Vidal's increasingly tenuous grip on reality

Last week when Gore Vidal said a bunch of stupid things about Barack Obama, I left him alone. He’s old and prone to saying anything that will get his name in print. Remember, he was completely inconsistent during the primaries, flip-flopping between Obama and Clinton. He said things that many people observed were racist. Everyone left him alone.

Today in The Atlantic, Vidal said he never should have supported Obama and “experience mattered.” He then went on to suggest that the 13-year-old girl Roman Polanski had sex with was a “young hooker” and that Roman was only persecuted out of anti-Semitism.


More on the Roman Polanski debate

After all the punditry last week about the legality and morality of Roman Polanski’s extradition, two recently publicized items are relevant.

1.    Those who demean the crime Polanski was charged with — “the so-called” crime, as one film producer called it — should read the extracts of the grand jury testimony of the victim. It is available on the Internet, here, here and here.