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Bill Buckley

The man most responsible for modern conservatism died today. Bill Buckley, a fearless anti-communist, a tireless promoter of the free market, and an erudite and witty debater, made conservatism cool and he made it smart.

Buckley was fearless in taking on the liberal mindset that dominates much of the conventional thinking. But he also was fearless in taking on right-wing groups like the John Birch Society. In doing so, he made conservatism a legitimate and potent alternative to liberalism.

In Memoriam

The news of William F. Buckley Jr.’s death this morning saddened not just those conservatives who knew and worked with him, but everyone who came into contact with him over his 82 years.

Bill Buckley was there at the beginning. In fact, in many ways, he was the beginning of the modern conservative movement. His God and Man at Yale was the first real assault on the liberal secularist domination of American academia, and the founding of National Review in 1955 is the event from which all else flows.

A Few Good Plagiarized Lines

If you are a film buff and have been following the steroid hearings on Capitol Hill, I guarantee you are going to get a kick out of the following exchange.

The only problem: This was passed along by the friend of a friend, and its author is unknown to me or the person who sent it to me.

So please, in the spirit of full disclosure and ever mindful of the current "plagiarism" flap being played out between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, let's solve this Internet mystery and give credit where credit is due.

Until then, it is just too good not to share. And, to the purist film buffs, please don't beat me up over the one small edit I made. This is a family blog. Enjoy.

Sean Taylor

This weekend in Washington, D.C., three young men in the Southeast section of the city became some of the latest statistics for gun violence in the District of Columbia. Our cynical natures make us assume that these young men were probably thugs, derelicts, drug addicts or dealers, but we don’t know. However, because of the section of town they were in, and the associations we draw with young folks being shot in D.C., we tend to think of it as business as usual.

Rewind to a week ago, when one of the most promising Washington Redskins players, star safety Sean Taylor, was fatally shot in his home outside of Miami. Let me be the first to say, our deepest and most heartfelt condolences go out to his parents and loved ones. Immediately following the incident, the story of his shooting became national and even international news. We’ve been inundated in the days following his death with breaking news stories and special reports on this young man who at one time in the not too distant past caught a lot of flak in the press for his youthful indiscretions.

Barry Bonds in an Archetype for Our Times

I have been trying to get my head around the national reaction to Barry Bonds and his pursuit of Hank Aaron’s home run record.

The national mood towards Bonds's march to immortality is decidedly mixed. While San Francisco fans are deservedly thrilled, the rest of the country is ambivalent, if not downright hostile.

Vicious Animals

There are no words to describe the intensity of my scorn for anyone who has anything to do with pit bull fighting. As one who is owned by two cats and a beloved dog, I fantasize about somehow giving these contemptible subhumans a taste of their own medicine, perhaps placing them, unprotected, in a ring full of the violent killers they created by their brutality to trusting puppies.

Whatever the legal outcome, the Michael Vick case has caused us to consider cruelty to animals. Oh, we were aware, but we chose not to think about it. But frankly, we're still only pondering one small facet of it. 

Too Cruel for Words

Unconscionable. That is the only word for NFL star Michael Vick’s participation in a cruel and inhumane dogfighting ring in rural Virginia, aptly name Bad Newz Kennels.

Animal fighting is barbaric, disgusting and sick. In this case, animals were electrocuted, shot, drowned, hanged and most killed, of course, during the fights in the makeshift rings. If this is some kind of macho rage, breeding pit bulls for “sport,” then maybe the NFL and Nike should wash their hands of Vick sooner rather than later. Nike should certainly not be marketing shirts that say “Michael Vick: Hero” on them. If Vick is guilty of involvement in this activity, the NFL should ban him and Nike should drop him.