Nihilistic and repulsive comments by NOW President Terry O'Neil

Terry said she had respect for the private choices made by women such as Pam Tebow but condemned the planned ad as "extraordinarily offensive and demeaning.” She went on:

“That's not being respectful of other people's lives," O'Neill said. "It is offensive to hold one way out as being a superior way over everybody else's."

Her statement — nihilistic and repulsive to the core — is self-refuting: On the one hand, she argues that there is no superior truth or “way,” but underscoring this claim is 100 percent certainty that her way — her nonjudgmental-ism — is clearly the superior way.

Her comment is truly vile. The commercial in question doesn’t preach. It simply leads by example, providing would-be mothers who contemplate whether abortion is right for them with — yes, gasp! — a bit of compunction, hoping women pause to contemplate whether abortion is really the right move.

What Terry’s comments reveal is that this isn’t about choice for them — it’s about abortion … the right to abort whenever, for whatever reason, however, wherever a woman wants, with no need to pause or consider. It is truly evil. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton showed an unusual amount of courage and thoughtfulness — and yes, even a sense of morality! — when she said abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.”