Keith Olbermann joins Al Gore: The professional left strikes back!

When Keith Olbermann joins forces with Al GoreAl GoreWill Ferrell drops out of Reagan Alzheimer's movie For Clinton, there's really only one choice for veep Judd Gregg: The case for Kasich MORE and Current TV, it will be a bonanza day for progressives that will generate an excitement and enthusiasm that will benefit Current TV, MSNBC, the progressive movement and progressive media as a whole.

The most underrepresented audience group on television today is the large progressive movement in America. MSNBC has tapped into this movement, which is why MSNBC has surpassed CNN in the ratings.

If Keith Olbermann joins forces with Al Gore it will be powerful and good for Current TV, for the progressive movement, and in my view for MSNBC as well.

There will be a battle not for the audience loyalty of Democratic insiders, strategists and elected politicians but for working people in unions, large groups of women, consumer advocates, community activists, the Hispanic wave and black voters. I repeat that this new competition will be good for MSNBC and liberal radio as well as Current TV, and net ratings for all should rise with the intensity of focus and competition.

Everyone associated with progressive television, progressive radio, the progressive Internet and the progressive movement will win in this deal.

Now the professional left is really in business!

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