Clinton wades into healthcare debate

As the national media sifts through thousands of pages of newly released documents from the Bill ClintonBill ClintonHow welfare vanished as a political issue Priebus: 'You have to look at people's actions' Plouffe: There are 'legitimate questions' about the Clinton Foundation MORE presidency, searching for nuggets on Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonTrump edits retweet that says Clinton holds rallies in 'port-o-potties' Fusion kicks white male debate moderators over 55 to the curb Trump mocks Clinton for failing DC bar exam MORE, it's ironic to read people working on Hillary's healthcare plan in 1993 acknowledged to each other that patients weren't likely to keep their doctors after reform, and that, no, their premiums would not go down. It is ironic too that she chose this week to wade into the healthcare debate.

It's early in the presidential election cycle, even for a Clinton. So her choice to come out in support of the Affordable Care Act this week was notable. Sure, she concedes there are problems, and she said in a speech this week that she would support making "evidenced-based" changes to the law. But she also said you don't "throw the baby out with the bath water." The law, she thinks, does more good than harm.

Clinton has said she will make a decision on running for president in 2015, after the midterm elections. But almost a year before then, Clinton is the new star of the healthcare debate. What changes will be needed? And what is her plan? Those questions will be coming her way soon. Does she want to answer them?

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