Olbermann versus Limbaugh on sports: Play ball!

Regarding Limbaugh, hey, if an owner wants to sell him a team, it doesn't matter to me. Maybe an Arizona team, right? I also wish an owner would sell Olbermann a team! Nowadays some Orioles fans might agree!

When Rush announced some football, I thought he was weak, but that's my opinion, on sports grounds. Others may disagree. That's what makes America a great country.

The right needs to get a life. Stop whining. Stop the crybaby stuff. There is no comparison between Olbermann offering sports opinions based on a career of sports knowledge and Limbaugh's inability to buy a team, because even sports owners think he's off-key.

Maybe Keith and Rush can debate and give the money to charity. They can debate sports or politics. I'd put my money on Keith for either.

Play ball!

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