The GOP's anti-Susan Rice jihad

a) Susan Rice is clearly qualified to be secretary of State;

b) Susan Rice is clearly not the most qualified candidate to be secretary of State;

c) these attacks against Susan Rice are among the most unfair and shameful partisan attacks in my memory — she did nothing wrong;

d) Republicans are attacking Susan Rice as a surrogate for Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonPoll: Clinton leads Trump by 12 points nationally Watchdog releases new batch of State Department emails Mark Cuban: Trump lies more than Clinton MORE, whom they lack the cojones to attack, and Barack ObamaBarack ObamaThe moral origins of Donald Trump’s rise to power Part One Rubio primary challenger loans campaign M Dear Cory Booker: How's that 'Camden Rising' thing working out? MORE, whom they are having trauma about after the voters have spoken;

e) Susan Rice should be confirmed if nominated;

and f) the Republicans are determined to completely destroy their brand and be the minority in America for a generation unless

g) a nationally prominent Republican steps forward and denounces those who are destroying the Republican brand.

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