First lady’s superpower 
of choice: Flying

 If Michelle ObamaMichelle ObamaClinton rules out Sanders while playing 'who'd you rather' to chose running mate First Nigerian girl taken by Boko Haram rescued WATCH: Obama accidentally steps on First Lady's dress at state dinner MORE’s superpower wish comes true, she won’t have a need to cash in any frequent-flyer miles for her next trip. That’s because she’d be sailing through the stratosphere on her own.

 When asked at a screening last week of her cameo appearance on the Nickelodeon show “iCarly” if she could have a superpower, which one she’d prefer, the first lady replied, “You know what, I’ve always wanted to fly.”

Although the matriarch of the first family flies the skies in pretty nice digs aboard Air Force One, she’s hoping for her own personal set of wings.

Mrs. Obama declared to the audience of military families, “You know, when I was young I used to always have dreams about flying. Has anyone had a dream about flying? Yes! You just float over everywhere. You could go anywhere. You could go on a dime, and you feel so free. Yes, I’d fly.”