Abigail Alliance

AbigailAllianceLogo.jpg"Every drug for cancer and other serious life-threatening illnesses that the Abigail Alliancehas pushed for earlier access to in our five and half year history is now approved by the FDA!  Many lives could have been saved or extended, if there had been earlier access tothese drugs!"The Abigail Alliance is dedicated to helping create wider access to,developmentalcancer drugs and other drugs for serious life-threatening illnesses. The Abigail Alliance is promoting creative ways of increasing expanded access and compassionate useprograms. We are working to help promote creative ideas to get promising new drugs tothe market sooner.The Abigail Alliance is dedicated to helping better inform cancer patients, other patients, and their doctors about the web sites, clinicaltrials.gov and cancer.gov. These important web sites list clinical trials of developmental cancer drugs and other important drugs. We need pharmaceutical companies to advertise these vital web sites.