American Alliance of Home Modification Professionals (AAHMP)

aahmp.bmpAAHMP is a mortgage modification trade group established to elevate residential mortgage loan modification operational and ethical standards by providing prescreened, trained modification professionals to assist in the nation’s effort to stabilize residential real estate values by reducing preventable foreclosures. The member modification companies of AAHMP are prepared to effectively complete sustainable modifications pursuant to President Obama’s Making Home Affordable Plan (MHA) Guidelines in service to GSE’s, other government agencies, financial institutions, servicers and investor participants in the PPIP purchases.

The MHA Plan’s Most Important Challenge: Mortgage Loan Modification

Failing to prevent preventable foreclosures further destabilizes residential real estate values by pushing residential real estate values lower. In service to lenders and investors, and in order to preserve the economic benefits of the “American Dream” for all stakeholders including; lenders, investors, borrowers and taxpayers, MHA Plan’s modification servicing should identify and prevent preventable foreclosures wherever possible