Manhole Barrier Security Systems, Inc. (MBSS)

MBSS_logo2.jpgMBSS is a leading provider of subterranean critical infrastructure protection and security solutions.  The mission of MBSS is to proactively address protection and prevention issues in our homeland security, in practical, effective and affordable ways.  MBSS, a value innovation company, is committed to securing the life-lines of our nation – telecommunications and utilities – which are housed in manholes.

Manhole Security - Protecting America's Critical Underground Infrastructure

Over the past five years, a series of terrorist attacks around the globe created new imperatives to protect civilian populations. High among these priorities is maintaining the integrity of a nation’s critical infrastructure. Most citizens take for granted the vast utility network that lies underground in nearly all major urban areas. Lying just a few feet beneath the pavement is a
complicated web of pipes, wires, cables, and other conduit that transport electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, potable water, waste, and steam. In addition to the utility networks, particularly in urban areas, much rail transportation and some road traffic is underground. The entirety of this network is accessible through one common avenue – manholes.