Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE)

CARE (Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy) is a nonprofit organization based in Albuquerque, NM that advocates on behalf of energy and the energy industry--operating from the platform "Energy Makes America Great!"

CARE works on energy issues state-wide, region-wide and nation-wide, focusing on oil, gas, coal, and nuclear/uranium. (Wind and solar are also supported, but due to their "darling" status, they seldom need advocating.)

The organization was founded in 2005, the brainchild of some independent oil and gas operators in southeastern New Mexico who were tired of being vilified by the media. They created CARE to get a positive message about energy to the media and the public. In the last five years, CARE has gained prominence in the media and recognition with the public. Their goals are achieved through a variety of public forums and speaking engagements, statewide student speech competitions, frequent publication in the area newspapers, television appearances, a thorough website, monthly e-newsletter, regular blog updates featuring the writings of experts, a monthly conference call that allows industry professionals to personally interact with a variety of experts, and even a simple "Energy Makes America Great" bumper sticker campaign.