Events (May 2011)

Taking care of business

One is raven-haired, talkative and vivacious, using lots of hand gestures. The other has long, bright-red hair and is somewhat more reserved. Clad in a chic black shirtdress and a white linen outfit, respectively, the two are like the Betty and Veronica of D.C. (minus the arguing over Archie).

Event planning just part of the job

Planning a large corporate event can be daunting, but for some D.C. event planners, the task is just part of the job.

Make every day in DC a great event

Have you ever watched a swarm of tourists dart across the street on Segways and wished you were one of them? Okay, probably not, but grumbling about tourist season could mean you’re missing some of the more popular ways to experience D.C. If your wallet is thin this summer, there are plenty of opportunities close to home that make for an instant special occasion, thanks to D.C.’s unique sights and history.

Think outside the ballroom: The top event spots in DC

Events in Washington don’t necessarily need to be confined to stuffy, windowless ballrooms. Budget permitting, there are countless locations around the city that cater to different types of events and tastes while adding that special touch to a conference, luncheon or fundraiser.