U.S.-Africa Leader Summit - August 6, 2014

Attacking ‘a hidden, deadly’ issue

More than 250,000 women die each year in Africa from maternal complications, constituting 51 percent of the world’s maternal deaths.

Powering sub-Saharan Africa

This week’s U.S.-Africa summit gives leaders in governments and the private sector the opportunity to catch up on efforts to increase access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa, just over a year after President Obama lau

Trade must benefit both

Smaller companies need help in not only identifying specific opportunities in African trade but in taking advantage of trade programs such as AGOA.

Trade and aid both needed

Trade won’t happen without the underlying capacity building that allows Africans to take advantage of the preferences we’re providing.

Taking a new approach

I have never been more optimistic about Africa’s future.

Fostering growth and opportunity

AGOA's advocates recognize the crucial role that Africa plays in the global economy.